Friday, August 14, 2009

Can you say.......Girls Camp!

I had the opportunity to spend five days with the best Young Women leaders and the BEST Young Women ever.......I know I'm biased but SERIOUSLY.....they are incredible people. We went to the Heber Valley Camp which was an amazing place, not to mention my kind of camping......cabins, bathrooms, showers, cooking equipment, crushed ice and beautiful scenery. I was called to be the Assistant Camp Director and was really excited about it but also a bit nervous because I don't know the first thing about "camping," and I knew I would have to leave my kids (not very good at that) but knew there was a great Director that would tell me what to do. BUT..... then she had to be released because her husband got a new job out of state. AHHHHH......NOW WHAT!!! Turned out that I became a "Co-Camp Director along with the Young Womens President (not like she had anything better to do.) We had seven weeks to basically plan camp but we did it along with the all the Young Women Leaders who never complained for a second!! Thank you Thank you!! It was an incredible week......but glad it is over too :-) The only downfall of being at camp was the fact that my sister had her baby while I was gone! Oh, well!

Funny story! Found out at camp that my friend (the one at the end on the left) and I both have family from Whitney, Idaho. Her Grandmother is a Weaver.....well my Grandmother is also a Weaver. WHAT! We did a little research and found out that her grandma and my grandma are cousins.......that we both have the same great great grandfather.....which means my great grandpa and her great grandpa were brothers. I have known this friend for 4 years. Who would have known. My grandma has passed away but her grandma is 92 and is still alive. She knew all about my sweet grandma. My mom couldn't believe it when I told her. Such a small world!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last Day of School

"C" getting his High Flying Hawk Award.

This is what "C" calls girl trapped......doesn't look like he minds:-) The little gal on the right is our next door neighbor and one of his best friends.

Unfortunately these two pics of "W" turned out so dark. This is her getting her High Flying Hawk Award. At the beginning of each year their elementary school has different items/goals that each grade has to pass off to earn an award. To be honest its not the easiest thing in the world to do......they really do have to work at it. So way to go kiddos!!!!!

St. George Trip

We decided in June kind of last minute to head down to St. George. We swam, saw the movie Up, ate at Pizza Factory twice and walked around the St. George temple. It was nice to get away with just our little family.

"C" was so proud of this picture. We are sitting inside the play area by the pool. Hate close-ups but too funny not to add it:-)

Mr. Farmer Tan

"W" helping her little brother get used to swimming on his own with a life jacket.

At the St. George Temple

Fun in the Leaves!

Fun in the Leaves!