Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our First Flaming Gorge Weekend for 2009

Grandpa B with the boys roasting hotdogs. This was just about one of the only moments the whole weekend where it wasn't raining. It was cold and wet the whole time. We still had fun playing games inside (sorry no pictures) and watching TV.......which is only fun to some:)

Grandpa B taking little "B" on a lawn mower ride. It was great fun for a 3 year old......he was offered a motorcyle ride but turned that down along with the rest of our kids. Whimps :-) I grew up riding motorcyles and my dad would take me on rides all the time. Maybe eventually they will give it a try.

Little Miss "W" Turns 9

"W" big birthday present. She was so excited to finally get a bike that she could ride. We gave her a bike a couple years ago and thought she would grow into really fast. Well she didn't and hasn't been able to ride a bike for a couple years. It is great that she can now ride her new bike around the neighborhood with her friends instead of having to ride her scooter all the time.....and the good thing is, we have a bike for her ready to go when she gets a little bit bigger. We love you Sis! We couldn't of asked for a better kid!!

Fun in the Leaves!

Fun in the Leaves!