Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A few summer highlights.....

"Where did the summer go" is a question I have heard many times from many different people in the last couple of weeks. It is definitely a valid question but one I sure don't have the answer to. Summer's sure does come and go very fast. I will say that this is the longest summer we have ever had as we have alway's been on the year round school schedule. We get breaks all year long which isn't a bad thing but never have we EVER had a three month break! I must was AWESOME! Anyway's here are a few things we did this summer. I unfortunately was without camera a lot of the time so if these seem completely random......well they are.

We started our summer off with a baseball tourney in Idaho Falls with Cannon's baseball team. We almost didn't go for various reasons but are so glad that we did. We sure are going to miss this team!

While in Idaho Falls we visited Bear World. It was totally worth it. The bears (and there's a lot) basically roam around and will even come right up to your car. The kid's thought it was the greatest thing ever.

The day after we got back from Idaho Falls Ryan left to train for his new job. I don't even know what he is doing in the picture.....but it looks interesting:-) He is being trained to do something I guess:-) He was gone for a very long 3 weeks. During that time I was busy at home trying to pack up the house to move to Boise. Once he got back (and left again for some additional training) we had only a few days to get completely packed. It was so insane. But thanks to many helping hands we got it done and made it to Boise.
On our way to Boise we stopped in Twin Falls for a few days. Our house wasn't ready for us yet so we were able to spend some time with our good friends the Reeder's who so kindly let us crash at their place, even though they had only been in their new house for a few days. We went and saw Shoshone Falls which was absolutely amazing.
Wyatt, Porter, Whitney, Cohlton, and Cannon (Brock didn't want to be in the pic.)
Hauling some of our things to Boise. Should of taken a picture of our big ABF truck:-)
Whitney at the Boise Zoo. We have also ventured to numerous parks, been to a couple movies, went to a fantastic water park and hoping to find many more fun things to do here in Boise. more training wheels!

It took moving to Boise and living on a flat street for Mr. Brock to finally want to take his training wheels off. Ryan got his work out running along side of him for an evening but now he is a pro!! Biking is pretty big here in Eagle. There are a lot of bike trails and parks with bike trails. It honestly looks super fun. I haven't had a bike (it was a maroon 10-speed to be exact) since I was in high school. I'm thinking it is time for a new one. Everyone should have a good bike right? :-)

Fun in the Leaves!

Fun in the Leaves!