Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just the Boyz

A couple weekends ago our church had a "stake fathers and sons" campout up Payson Canyon. Cannon was especially excited because last year they all were kicked off the mountain due to some wildfires. He was definitely upset that the camping trip was cut short. If I remember right they were told to leave around midnight. So needless to say he was really excited about the weekend with his dad and his brother and especially the idea of sleeping in the mountains in a tent. So what did Whitney and I do you ask.......well we had a great and quiet weekend:-) It was so much fun just hanging out with her. We went to see Letter's to Juliet (very good show) went to dinner and then the next morning we met up with our bestest friends and went shopping and then to lunch. I told Ryan he could take the boy's camping whenever he wanted!! :-)

This was Brock's first experience camping and he absolutely loved it. He can't stop talking about it. I was a little nervous about him going but so glad that Ryan took him and that he had fun. Guess he's not my baby anymore.
Fishing at Payson Lake

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


It has been a crazy season of baseball for our family. It has honestly taken up any spare time that we had but it also became one of our favorite times of the year. I will have to post some pictures later of the regular season but these are pictures taken during All-Stars. Being somewhat new to this crazy sport thing (for those with small children you just wait......the older they get the more intense and competitive it gets) I didn't realize that after the regular season there is an All-Star Tournament. Ryan and I had to cancel two little weekend vacations because of least we'll know for next year:-) They take the top 24 players in the league and make 2 A team and a B team. Cannon was able to play for the A team which is really awesome because he was already playing a year up in the regular season and then made the A team as a 7 year old, playing with and against 8-9 year olds. We were really pround of him......he was the very youngest player on the team. And even more awesome than that was his Dad got to be one of the coaches, so it was a great experience for both of them. The team ended up taking 3rd place in the pre-tournament and then lost their first two games in the main tournament which meant they were out. All in all it was a really fun experience and bittersweet that it had to end. I'm sure next year will come around before we know it!

Cute little Cannon!

Ryan hasn't worn a baseball uniform since 1992. He still wears it well I might add:-)

One last "Dog's in the House" cheer!!

Whitney's Spring/Summer Dance Shows

Whitney and her dance class at Lagoon practicing their routine.

Their little pep talk with each other right before going on stage. Who know's what they are really saying.....they are probably just giggling and trying not to be too nervous.

Picture taken right after her spring recital at Riverton Highschool. She did such a great job and we are very proud of her!!

Fun in the Leaves!

Fun in the Leaves!