Tuesday, November 16, 2010

California: Part 2.....The Beach

Usually when we go to Disneyland we stay in Disneyland. Like we literally don't do anything else other that go to Disneyland for 5 days straight and then we come home. We conversed with our friends and decided it was about time we take our kid's to the beach and by golly we don't regret it! The kids absolutely loved it (and so did the parents!) The weather was absolutely perfect and the condo was gorgeous (thanks to our friends parents.) There is just nothing better than hanging out on the beach. We stayed in Oceanside just outside of San Diego. We picked a great week to go because California was having better weather the week we went than they had all summer.....and we were there at the end of September!! We got lucky!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

California: Part 1

We had the best time at "The Happiest Place on Earth" a couple months ago with our great friends the Gadd's. It was our first time going when all the Halloween decorations were up and the characters dressed up in their costumes. The picture above is in front of the Haunted Mansion which was decorated fantastically for the holiday season. The sun was in Brock's eyes so he would not look at the camera.
The two "C's" getting ready to watch the Angels game. Brock and I didn't go to the game but had a great time just the two of us hanging out in Disneyland. We saw the Pixar Parade and went on whatever rides he wanted to:-)

Goofy being a goof!

The kid's getting their picture taken with a talking parrot!
These two were glued at the hip the entire week. They walked around Disneyland either interlocking arms or holding hands. So funny! They get along perfectly and love being together. They are also such great helpers with the younger kid's.
Good times had by all......other than the barfing part!!!

Last Flaming Gorge Trip of the Season

Cute Whitney!
Cuddling with my cute niece miss "S."
Swimming in "our cove."

Fun with uncle Brent on the wave runner!
The two "B's" having fun on the tube!

Fun in the Leaves!

Fun in the Leaves!