Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Little "B" Man

Can I just say that I love this kid more than life itself but can I also say that none of my kids have kept me on my toes like this kid has. I joke around all the time saying he is why I only have 3 kids because I swear he is like having 2 kids in one. He's just a big tease and likes to push your bottons but at the same time I have never had a kid that is alway's so good at saying please, thank you or your welcome. Anyway's this is a picture of him trying to feed the fish. It took about 2 or 3 times for him to dump an entire container of fish food in the tank for me to realize I better move it to a spot he cant reach:) duh!!! The second picture I had to post because I just love the smile. We were at a University of Utah gymnastics meet and that was about the only smile we got out of him. He was completely uninterested in the whole event.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma

My sweet Grandma turned 87 on February 12th. My cousin and I and whomever can come take her to Training Table each year on her birthday. I'm not sure if Training Table really is her spot of choice but thats where we go. This year we had a huge was great. In the past we would usually hit Old Navy afterwards where she would by our kids an outfit. Now doesn't that sound backwards? She buys our kids stuff on her birthday. She is the best! She is where I inherited my love for shopping....back in the day my cousin and I were her shopping buddies. She never had any daughters to buy cute girl clothes for so my cousin and I were spoiled rotten on our shopping ventures. We alway's had so much fun. Now at 87 shopping has beome more difficult, although I gurantee she could still go on the rollercoasters at Lagoon:) Love ya Grandma!!

Junior Jazz

Over the past few months "C" has developed a major love for basketball. He just played his last Junior Jazz basketball game which he really looked forward to each week. This kid loves the game. Most kids at this age just like to shoot the ball and thats all they do when they get the ball, most of them don't even dribble yet. It is hilarious! Any of you who have watched 5 and 6 year olds play know what I'm talking about:) Whether its shooting, defending, dribbling or stealing the ball "C" just plain DIGS it! He also got to play with his cousin which was a lot of fun. We will have to see but so far I'm invisioning going to a heck of a lot of basketball games down the road:)

Fun in the Leaves!

Fun in the Leaves!